Tree Pruning
Ashburn, Va.

Don’t make trees rare, keep ’em with care!

Are your trees or shrubs overgrown? Do tree branches grow dangerously close to your home or utility lines? Could your landscape benefit from some TLC? Our team is here to help. Big Jim’s Tree Service of Ashburn provides professional tree pruning services. We can provide [regularly scheduled services (add tree planting services link)] that will keep your trees, shrubs, and landscape looking great all year long. We offer fast, affordable, and reliable tree pruning services for commercial and residential clients in Ashburn, VA. If you would like to improve the appearance of your property, give our team a call. We have the best tree technicians in town ready for your tree pruning project. 

Species Coverage

Our arborists are highly experienced in what they do, and this implies that they have the skills to manage any sort of tree species on your land. Trees are not all the same, and with this in mind, different types of tree need different types of care, and we are ready to have a complex approach. By personally tailoring our tree care to each plant, we guarantee a healthier and happier tree in the long run.

Professional Arborist Service

A lot of the time, people have trees on their property which they pretty much leave to it. After all, they seem to have grown fine on their own, and they don’t look like they’re unhealthy – so, what’s the problem? Really, there are two problems here. First of all, just because your trees appear healthy, it doesn’t mean that they are. It could be that they’re suffering from issues ‘behind the scenes’, or it might be that they’re just not reaching their full growth potential. Tree feeding and fertilization can help them flourish in this regard. The other issue is that many of the landscaping actions we take make it harder for trees to live healthily. Removing debris and leaves is like taking food from somebody’s plate. If you’re doing this, then feeding your tree is a must.

Regular Visits

It’s our belief that to ensure the long term health and growth of a tree, regular tree care is the best course of action. Regular visits will ensure that we have an ongoing understanding of the state of the tree, and that if any structural or health concerns are beginning to emerge, we’ll find out early on. We have many ongoing customers that have us visit their properties on a regular basis, and the state of their outdoor spaces has never been better.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

Tree care isn’t just about feeding or diagnosing diseases – it’s about the total and comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the tree’s health. That’s why we’re happy to do everything you need us to do to keep your tree in its best possible condition. We’ll carry out pruning, fertilization, and so much more, all with your tree’s health in mind. Our tree service company takes a holistic approach in this regard, and it’s served us well since our inception.

Take care of your trees and they will take care of you!

Taking care of your home and landscape can easily become a full-time job. Trees and shrubs need to be regularly pruned to ensure they look great and grow healthy. This requires specialized equipment, experience, and knowledge to perform effectively. Pruning can also be dangerous. One wrong cut could send a limb crashing into your home or utility lines. There is also a high chance of personal injury during tree pruning if you’re not careful. Our team of experts is available today for your tree pruning needs. You can sit back and relax while we handle the tough work.

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